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LBC is the best Place to Sell, Buy or Pawn
Foot Pedals in Boston
LBC Boutique and loan are Foot Pendals Buyers in
Boston. LBC is a Full-Time Musical Instruments store,
offering a wide variety of New, Used, and Vintage Foot
Pedals. If you are thinking of Selling, Buying or Pawning
your Foot Pedals, LBC is the right place for you. LBC is a
place that buys Foot Pedals. LBC makes selling Foot
Pedals easier by taking your Foot Pedal and giving you
cash the same day. LBC pays
FAIR price for Foot Pedals.
We Also Buy, Sell and Pawn Mboxes.
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our Mbox Page.
Our number 1 rule in LBC is no wasting time so if you
don't want to waste time text for a free quote right now or
call to ask one of our experts about your Foot Pedal. Text
before you come to avoid Disappointment on the prices
we pay. Text or Call right now don't hesitate
260 Elm St.
Unit 109 Somerville, MA 02144
Davis Square.(Next to the Redline Train)
(Parking behind the building)

Click here to See out Mbox Page.

Here are some of the Foot Pedals we Buy, Sell and Pawn

-Wah Wah pedal
-behringer foot pedal
-tascom foot pedal
-digitech Foot pedal
-Boss pedal